Web based Inventory Management System

Welcome to xIMS, a web based Inventory Management System designed specifically for Cold Store,3PL and food distribution businesses who require stock traceability, sales and run management.

xileit Inventory Management System
This core module controls all user management, security, menu setup and reporting functionality. This can be branded with your logo and forms the base system for all modules to run from. This can be hosted by xileit limited or installed at your premises.

xInv – Inventory Tracking Module
xInv is a module that sits inside the core system allowing tracking of itemised inventory across multiple organisations, sites and locations. This module provides realtime access to your inventory and inventory movements. Using xInv you can control all inbound and outbound movements including requirements like eCerts, stock ownerships, qualities and status’s allowing total flexibility.

xInv also offers the ability to calculate storage, handling and other misc costs associated with running a Cold Store or 3PL business and generate itemised invoices ready to be sent to your customer.

xScan – Wireless Barcode Scanning
xScan is a telnet application that wireless scan guns connect to. It provides the ability to do inventory movements such as Goods Receipts, Location Changes, Quality Changes, Ownership Changes and Load Outs. xScan also has the ability to pallet build individual cartons and generate SSCC labelling required by various organisations. Using xScan your Load Outs are validated on the fly making sure the right Product, Quality, Ownership, Status and other criteria are correct before allowing the carton or pallet to proceed.

xSales – Domestic Sales System
Our domestic sales systems works with our inventory control system to offer a complete sales solution. Incorporate this with our Telesales screens and you have full outbound call scheduling, direct order taking, order history on screen and promotional sales prompting. This is a complete sales system from time of sale through shipping, invoicing and interfaces with your accounting package. A one stop shop.

xDist – Delivery Scanning Module
The xDist module is used for customers in the food service and delivery businesses. Using either the xInv or your current inventory system we are able to provide a scanning solution to accurately capture products and quantities supplied. This then passes that information to our xSales module or your sales system. xDist also controls all of your trucking and route management and delivery documentation.

xWeigh – Carton and Pallet Weigh and Label Printing
Using the xWeight Carton Weigh Station application users are able to weigh, product check and label individual cartons, pieces or pallets all with a nice easy touch screen interface.  The xWeigh application is a Windows Based application that can operate on Harsh Environment Computers or Tablets and integrates with Serial and IP based scale weighing systems.

xMobile – Smart Phone Based xIMS
The xMobile smart phone application for Windows Phone, (IOS and Android coming soon) allows users to check stock quantities, check the status of orders and shipments and even enter sales directly on their device in the field.  The xIMS application databased is accessed realtime via our Web Interface making sure that what your seeing in the field is Exactly what is in stock.

Custom Interfaces
We know a lot of companies have their own upstream and downstream systems that work well. Using our scanning and inventory solutions in a integrated mode with your existing systems allows the benefit of our products along side your existing applications.